Clemence Poesy

Whenever friends ask who my ULTIMATE style icon is I find it soooo hard to give a straight up answer. There are so many, for so many different reasons. Clemence Poesy, however, would certainly be in the top three! Clemence is a French actress most recognisable for playing Fleur Dalacour in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. More interesting to me (to be honest I’ve never watched a Harry Potter movie in my life!!) is that Clemence is a uber fashionista, who models in all the coveted fashion mags including Tatler, Nylon and I.D. She has also been the spokesperson for the Chloë fragrance (my all time favourite perfume! More reason to love her!) since 2007.

Like all great style icons, what is so damn cool about Clemence is that her style is HER style. In everyday candid shots Clemence always looks so chic and elegant without ever looking as if she has tried too hard.
I love her staple look of cooky sheer blouses, delicate chiffon skirts and Chanel ballet pumps.
At Premiers she sticks to the formula that less is more. Keeping hair and make up simple and always selecting dresses which represent her…delicate, fanciful, fun and youthful. She never goes crazy on accessories and when she does accessorize they are always beautiful vintage pieces that add a bit of sparkle.

There is also no denying that Clemence has a beautiful complexion. I think that is why she can wear such fanciful evening gowns without looking vulgar.

Like Chloë Sevigny she keeps her hair simple, sun-kissed and with a centre parting. Her make-up always looks fresh and natural. A slick of eyeliner, mascara and nude gloss across the lips.

So yes, I am a little bit in love with this girl. And yes I will certainly be waiting to see what she will be wearing on the front rows next Spring! Clemence if you are reading this……and you come to Edinburgh…… lets’ go shopping!xox

All images from Google Images

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