Style Icon Kate Moss turns 38 today!


Can you actually believe Kate Moss is 38 years old today!

Naomi Campbell & Kate Moss

As I am sure you will know, from reading any of my earlier posts, I am a bit in love with Kate Moss. I say a bit, I mean a lot. No, not a lot in fact, but a huge amount!!! Ok…..if I am being honest I am slightly obsessed!!!!
I don’t mean obsessed in a creepy “I’m gonna stand outside your doorstep all night, put pictures of your face all over my walls, tea-towels etc“. Please I’m weird, but I’m not that weird!

I mean that I am fascinated by her.
She has done what no other supermodel has done before (well apart from maybe Twiggy in the 1960s). She has changed the entire outlook of the fashion industry. When Kate (a fifteen year old school girl from Croydon) was first photographed by a young Corinne Day for the Face magazine in 1990, who was to know that the images produced would change the direction of fashion photography forever!

Throughout the 1980s toned, athletic, Amazonian-like supermodels (such as Cindy Crawford and Elle Macpherson) were on the front cover of every high-profile magazine and ad campaign in the world. High-fashion reflected the 80’s money obsessed period. Wardrobes were lavish, settings exotic and hair and cosmetics as big and brash as possible. As a whole the fashion industry portrayed an almost unobtainable idea of beauty and a lifestyle that was so far removed from the lives of the majority of the country at that period which was just going in to one of the biggest recession ever recorded.

Source: Summer of Love Editorial, Face Magazine, 1990 by Corrine Day

Along comes Moss and Day’s editorial, The Summer of Love for the Face Magazine. The fashion industry goes gaga with excitement.
Kate was so different from what they the fashion world had portrayed as the ideal beauty. She was just over five foot seven with long skinny arms, bowed legs, scraggly hair and a fresh make-up free face which had an angelic glow and truthful smile. The fashion world was captivated. The images were gritty and had a realistic, non contrived feel.

Source: Summer of Love Editorial, Face Magazine, 1990, Photographed by Corrine Day

It was not long untill Kate was being photographed for Vogue magazine and landing high-profile campaigns for designers such as Calvin Klein and Versace.

Calvin Klein Add

Kate defined the look of a generation. Reflecting the youths of the 90s that felt that they had been forgotten about. Fragile in both appearance and mind due to the economic uncertainties that they faced.
With Kate’s commercial success came acceptance, and indeed a desire, for models, photographers and fashion designers to embrace unconventional beauty.

Now in 2012 it is incredible to look back at Kate’s body of work and achievements. To name a few:

31 British Vogue covers to date
A highly succesful design partnership with both Topshop and Longchamp
Campaigns for nearly ever top designer and magazine in the world
Breaking Johnny Depp’s heart (not many girls can do that I’m sure!)
Holding the biggest ever London Fashion Week party last year

The girl Knows no bounds!!

Kate is most definitely my ultimate style icon. Always so unique and cutting edge and ever so cool. Style is in her blood. Clothes don’t wear her, she wears the clothes!!!!A rock’n’roll girl at heart, she mixes vintage and new so well. She also never looks too polished or overdone which is key.

Happy Birthday Kate! Here are some of my favs pics!

Kate photographed by Rankin in NY

Kate & Johnny

In Paris- Photographed by Terry Richardson

Source: I.D Magazine, preview of Kate's Topshop Collection

Naiomi & Kate

Kate Moss- No Such thing as Heroin Chic

Source : Photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue magazine

Kate Moss

Kate & Johnny

Kate Moss

Source: Photographed by Corrine Day for Vogue UK, 1993

Naoimi Campbell & Kate Moss

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