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Fashion East founder Lulu Kennedy really is a fashion genius!

Lulu Kennedy/Source: http://www.waynetippetts.com

Now in addition to her highly successful brand Lulu & Co she has launched her second line –Lulu & Co Studio. However, unlike earlier collections she is now stepping up as part of the design team!

Lulu-&-Co palm print trousers and gold top

Speaking to British Vogue Lulu explained “The Lulu & Co collaborations are focused on showcasing the particular designer’s signature look and respecting their aesthetic, whereas our own in-house capsule can be more experimental,” she told us. “There are no rules, therefore we can have fun with it. My friends, the team at work and I kept talking about pieces we wanted in our wardrobes and having ideas for prints, and in the end decided to make a tiny capsule inspired by my trips to Mexico as an experiment.”

Lulu Co-Sunset Raffia t-shirt

I really do covet this collection. So playful and appropriate for summer. It’s great to see a collection that truly captures the spirit and vibrancy of youth, yet maintains a strong sense of style and quality. So many summer garments are worn for one season and then discarded. This collection has longevity and will look great in years to come.

Lulu-Co palm print dress

Designers such as Roksanda Ilincic and Christopher Shannon also feature in Lulu & Co Studio début collection. There is a tutee fruity tropical theme throughout the designs. Slouchy trousers with dainty palm tree prints and a cheeky pineapple print t-shirt for chilling by the pool. Beach hut print silk party pieces are delightful for the evening.

Lulu & Co pineapple t-shirt and crazy print skirt

Lulu & Co Christopher Shannon Panelled Ruffle Shirt

And just to stamp Lulu’s place in fashion history she also received an MBE this month for her contribution to the fashion world.
With this collection being priced between £80- £800 what’s not to love. xox You can now buy these pieces at Asos.com and lulu & co’s official website.

Maarten vander Horst silk pyjama bottoms, silk-shirts and silk shorts

Lulu & Co Christopher Shannon Squiggle Silk Front T-Shirt

Lulu-Co crazy print dress

Maarten van der Horst Hawaiian dress

Lulu & Co Christopher Shannon Squiggle Silk Front T-Shirt

Lulu& Co dress

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