Paris, the city of love (so very true)xox

Bonjour exoxers!! So sorry I have not been around this past week. I have just returned from celebrating my first wedding anniversary in Paris. 

As a Paris Virgin I was worried the city would not meet my expectations.  So many friends had told me how great the food was. How wonderful the shops were. How beautiful the streets are. I was worried I had built myself up, only to be sorely let down. I needn’t have worried however. Paris really is one of the most inspiring, creative and beautiful cities on earth. The chic women, the gorgeous buildings, the extravagant food, the ever so reasonable Champaign, the delicious macaroons and …..the best shops in the world! I am already conjuring up a plan to visit again this fall!

Over the next week I will feature some photo posts of my adventures, which I hope you enjoy!

Day 1

My wardrobe: All from Topshop Prom Collection

Bag: Oversized Mulberry Alexa

Scarf: Louis Vuitton

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